The 11 BEST Beaches on Koh Lanta You Need To Visit!

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Koh Lanta’s beaches are wild, untamed, and remote. While many of Thailand’s islands have gained popularity amongst tourists, filling their beaches with parasailers and jet skis, you won’t find anything like that on Koh Lanta.

The beaches on Koh Lanta are secluded, peaceful, and unspoiled by over-tourism.

Maintained by nature, and respected by locals and visitors alike, the beaches of Koh Lanta are clean, quiet, and unlike any others you will see in Thailand.

While there are not many beaches in Koh Lanta, and all of them hug the West shore of the island, each one has its own unique charm and reason to visit.

In this guide, we introduce you to the best beaches on Koh Lanta, including where to park your scooter and how to access the beach.

What Are The Best Beaches in Koh Lanta?

1. Long Beach (Phra Ae Beach)

Long Beach Koh Lanta
Long Beach Koh Lanta

The most famous beach in Koh Lanta is Long Beach, also known as Phra Ae Beach to the locals.

This enchanting beach with powdery golden sand is the longest beach (hence the name) and the most lively beach on the island, flanked by resorts, restaurants, and beach bars.

There are many spots on the beach where you can dive into the crystal-clear waters, though do be careful of rocks that appear when the tide is low.

As the sun sets, indulge in a mouthwatering feast of fresh Thai food at one of the beachside restaurants, or sit back and enjoy a Happy Hour cocktail at one of the beach bars.

Although the most visited beach, you will get a sense of what all of the beaches in Koh Lanta are like – unspoiled, rural, and quiet. There are no watersports, no thrills, just pure relaxation.

The waves at Long Beach can often be quite rough, but the shoreline slopes gradually, so it’s safe for paddling on a calm day. It’s also unsheltered by a bay, so it can also get quite windy here.

I recommend parking your scooter near the Elegant Beach Cafe, which has a large car park nearby. From here, you can walk through to the beach next to the cafe. You can also stop for a refreshment at the beach bar here if you feel like it.

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2. Laem Kho Kwang Beach

Laem Kho Kwang Beach
Laem Kho Kwang Beach

Laem Kho Kwang Beach is the nicest beach in the north of Koh Lanta and lies on a peninsula facing South.

It’s a long, crescent-shaped bay with a tree-lined shoreline, though despite being a bay the waves here can be quite strong on a windy day.

That being said, on a nice day, the bay is usually calm and the water here is shallow, which makes for a great spot for paddling.

It’s especially nice at sunset since it faces Southwest.

parking for Laem Kho Kwang Beach
Parking for Laem Kho Kwang Beach

Where to park: Parking is really easy for Laem Kho Kwang Beach as there is a huge empty space between the road and the beach where scooters and cars are parked. You can see the space to park your scooter easily from the road – you won’t miss it.

It’s noticeable by a couple of food stalls on the opposite side of the road. This is a popular place for fishing (on the other side of the beach) so you may see a few people about it.

3. Klong Dao Beach

Klong Dao Beach
Klong Dao Beach

Klong Dao Beach is a chilled beach flanked by beach bars and resorts. On a nice day, the water here is calm and tranquil, and the beach is wide so there will always be a secluded spot where you can lay your towel down.

In peak season, it’s common to see beach volleyball nets in place, and at night the beach bars come alive with loud music and Happy Hour cocktails.

It’s the second most popular and busy beach after Long Beach and is a popular place for travelers to stay in all-inclusive resorts.

Parking for Klong Dao Beach
Parking for Klong Dao Beach

Where to park: Like Long Beach, Klong Dao Beach has several resorts that occupy the space behind the beach, so you will need to park your scooter at the end of a stretch of road next to Golden Bay Cottage and a massage parlor. You can access the beach directly from the road.

There is ample space to park your scooter along this road, which is shaded by the buildings.

4. Beautiful Beach (Khlong Kong Beach)

Beautiful Beach Koh Lanta
Beautiful Beach Koh Lanta

If you’re looking for a quiet beach that’s not as remote as the ones in the South, then the aptly named Beautiful Beach is your best option.

This small cove is located between rocky outcrops on Klong Khong Beach, and is sheltered by the rock pools on either side of the bay. The water here is calm, even on windy days, and the shoreline slopes gradually making it a great place to swim.

This beach is very undeveloped and has no maintenance. There are no facilities like toilets or even a place to buy snacks. There are the makings of a shack there, but it was looking very closed when we visited.

It’s accessible by driving down a long, dirt road (see photo below).

Road to Beautiful Beach Koh Lanta
Road to Beautiful Beach Koh Lanta

Where to park: Beautiful Beach has the largest parking lot of all the beaches on Koh Lanta, so you won’t find a problem parking to visit this beach.

Simply drive along the dirt road leading to the beach, and find a space at the back of the beach.

5. Lanta Klong Nin Beach

Lanta Klong Nin Beach
Lanta Klong Nin Beach

Arguably the further South you drive on Koh Lanta’s west coast, the more beautiful the beaches become. You’ll start to notice the quietness and cleanliness change as you reach Klong Nin Beach, which is a long stretch of pure golden sand beach backed by palm trees.

There are a few resorts along the main road behind Klong Nin Beach, but this side of the island is definitely more quiet.

The waves here can be quite strong, though it’s still possible to swim. There are a few rocky areas in the water, so be careful underfoot when you go swimming.

The beach itself doesn’t have much opportunity for shade, but you will find some restaurants and beach bars you can dip into to get some refreshments.

Parking for Lanta Klong Nin Beach
Parking for Lanta Klong Nin Beach

Where to park: There is a shaded area across the road from Paragon Resort where you can park a car or scooter. You can then access the beach by walking along the path next to the resort.

6. Nui Beach

Nui Beach
Nui Beach

Nui Beach is a beach you would easily drive past if you weren’t looking for it. It’s practically hidden behind a lush, dense jungle, blocking any access from the main road and also blocking out the sounds of cars and scooters.

Accessibly by hiking down some steps from a resort and cafe, this beach is secluded but with the benefit of having facilities nearby.

Like most beaches on the island, it has a lack of shade, but you can find a retreat from the sun at the Diamond Resort that you must walk through to access the beach.

The beach itself is clean and pure, but the only downside is that the ocean is quite rocky. You can still paddle, and swim between the rocks if you’re careful, but it’s not the best swimming spot compared to other beaches on the island.

Parking for Nui Beach
Parking for Nui Beach

Where to park: At the top of the hill, you will find a small, paved parking area next to the Diamond Cliff Beach Restaurant & Resort (on the right-hand side as you drive South). There is a sign that says “parking area for Nui Beach”, so you won’t miss it.

To access the beach, you must walk through the Diamond Cliff Beach Restaurant & Resort taking the main staircase, but don’t feel obliged to stop and buy something. You will also notice there are bathrooms on the staircase down to the beach. These are the only facilities for the beach.

7. Kantiang Bay and Bakantiang Beach

Kantiang Bay
Kantiang Bay
Bakantiang Beach
Bakantiang Beach

Kantiang Bay is a large, crescent-shaped beach that has plenty of space for beachgoers to spread out on. The bay here is sheltered, which means the water is often calm and great for swimming in.

There isn’t much in the way of shade, despite being surrounded by jungle, and there are only a few resorts at the northernmost side of the beach.

That being said, you can walk along this beach all the way to Bakantiang Beach which is located just around the headland.

Here you will find more opportunities for shade and a quieter ambiance.

Parking for Kantiang Bay
Parking for Kantiang Bay

Where to park: There is a small parking lot next to Why Not Bar, and from there you will notice a small path that leads to the beach between the bar and the resort next door.

To reach Bakantiang Beach, you can either park at the Why Not Bar and walk along the beach, or you can drive along the main road a little further and you’ll find a small parking space next to a house and walk through the trees.

8. Nui Bay

Nui Bay Koh Lanta
Nui Bay

Nui Bay is another beach you would miss if you didn’t know where to look. It’s accessed by hiking down a narrow path from the main road, which you could easily miss if you’re not looking for it.

The bay itself is quiet and sheltered, with gentle waves and soft white sand. There are also fewer rocks in the middle of the beach, which means it’s good for swimming.

One thing to note about Nui Bay is it’s also home to a family of macaque monkeys who can sometimes be seen frolicking on the beach and in the trees behind it.

They are harmless as long as you keep your distance.

Parking for Nui Bay Koh Lanta
Parking for Nui Bay Koh Lanta
Nui Bay Koh Lanta
Nui Bay Koh Lanta

Where to park: To reach Nui Bay, you need to park your scooter on the side of the main road and look out for a small hiking path.

The path is easily concealed, but you should find it in the small plot of land that’s not protected by a barrier. You can find it at this location on Google Maps.

9. Khlong Jark Beach (Khlong Chak Beach)

Khlong Jark Beach Koh Lanta
Khlong Jark Beach Koh Lanta

Jark Beach, or Khlong Chak Beach as it’s referred to on the map, is a small, moon-shaped bay that’s sheltered between two rocky headlands.

The beach itself is rugged and remote, with some rocky patches. However, there are some shaded areas at the back of the beach where you can escape the sun under the trees.

What’s great about Jark Beach is that it’s always quiet and only has a handful of bars. Some bars on the South side of the beach have hammocks which you can relax in as long as you purchase a drink.

Parking for Khlong Jark Beach
Parking for Khlong Jark Beach

Where to park: You can find plenty of parking outside the Klong Jark Apartments and from there you will find clear access to the beach.

10. Bamboo Beach

Bamboo Beach Koh Lanta
Bamboo Beach Koh Lanta

Bamboo Beach is quite possibly our favorite beach on the island, and if you need any reason to know why, just look at the photo!

It’s located just before Mu Ko Lanta National Park, which means it has all the beauty of the national park but without the entrance fee.

It’s wild and remote, and because it’s one of the furthest beaches south from all the resorts, not as frequently visited as some of the others.

Any time of year you visit this beach, there is likely to be only a handful of other people. When we visited, we were the only ones there.

What sets Bamboo Beach apart from the other beaches on the island is that it has a grassy area behind the beach, where it’s possible to seek shelter from the scorching hot sun.

As with other beaches on the island, the beach can get rocky during low tide, especially towards the headlands on either side, though is pretty clear in the middle of the beach.

The beach itself lacks any facilities like toilets or changing rooms, and there isn’t even a beach bar, so bring everything you need with you. Bring lots of water, snacks and a good book.

Where to park: As you drive towards Bamboo Beach, you will notice an empty patch of grass on the right when you drive South. You can park your scooter there, and walk through the short path through the trees to the beach. The location can be found roughly at this location on Google Maps.

One thing to note is that the road to Bamboo Beach can be quite steep on a scooter, though still doable, but do drive carefully.

11. Waterfall Bay (Mu Ko Lanta National Park)

Waterfall Bay, Mu Ko Lanta National Park

Located to the East of the lighthouse in Mu Ko Lanta National Park is Waterfall Bay, a pure white stretch of sand that connects to the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea.

Although there is an entrance fee to the National Park (200 baht per person, plus 20 baht per scooter), it’s worth it as you get to visit this quiet and tranquil beach which has some of the calmest waters on the island.

Since it’s located on the Southern tip of the island, and rounds the bend into a bay, the beach is very sheltered, providing a safe spot for swimming and paddling.

When you’re not basking on the beautiful beach here, be sure to check out the lighthouse, and visit the Leam Tanod Nature Trail. Be sure to wear trainers as the path can be slippery in sandals.

Where to park: You can park your scooter just before the lighthouse where the road ends. You can find the location here on Google Maps.

Map Of The Best Beaches On Koh Lanta

To help you plan your visit to the beaches of Koh Lanta, here is a helpful map showing you their locations…

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FAQs About Koh Lanta Beaches

Does Koh Lanta have nice beaches?

Yes, Koh Lanta has some beautiful beaches that are unspoiled by over-tourism and reclaimed by nature. They are clean, have soft golden sand, and are usually backed by wild jungle and palm trees. Some beaches in Koh Lanta are very rocky though and not great for swimming, though are still nice to visit.

Which beach to stay in Koh Lanta?

You will find most beach resorts in Koh Lanta along Long Beach, though we personally feel that the best beach to stay on is Khlong Kong Beach, not because the beach itself is anything special, but because it’s ideally located central to the island’s main attractions and is surrounded by restaurants within walking distance.

What beach on Koh Lanta has the best sunset?

Since most of Koh Lanta’s beaches face West, any of them would be great for sunset. Most people go to Long Beach (Phra Ae Beach) for sunset because it has many beachside resorts and cocktail bars, but you can find a beautiful sunset at any beach on Koh Lanta..

Can you swim in Koh Lanta?

Since the beaches on Koh Lanta face West into the Andaman Sea, the waves can be quite strong and the ocean floor relatively rocky. However, on a calm day, the beaches in Koh Lanta are great for swimming in. Just be aware that most of the beaches have no lifeguards or safety nets.

Final Thoughts

Koh Lanta is an island that allows you to escape the hustle and bustle, enjoy a peaceful island life, and find some of the most remote and unspoiled beaches in Thailand.

The beaches you’ll find on Koh Lanta are so pure, so quiet, so pristine, that you will feel like you’ve landed in paradise.

We hope this guide helped you plan some beaches to visit and add a few to your itinerary. Do you have a favorite beach on this list? Let us know in the comments.

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