The 9 Best Beaches On Koh Chang To Visit!

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One of the main reasons to visit Koh Chang is for its beaches. The island is brimming with beautiful beaches, from secluded and remote beaches to lively and highly-trafficked beaches.

If you’re planning a visit to this enchanting island in the Gulf of Thailand, then you’re probably wandering which are the best beaches on Koh Chang to visit.

Well, you’ve come to the right place, as I’ve hand-picked my favorite beaches in Koh Chang that I loved and think every traveler to the island should visit. Go take a look!

The Best Koh Chang Beaches You Need To Visit!

1. White Sand Beach, Koh Chang

White Sand Beach, Koh Chang
White Sand Beach, Koh Chang

Perhaps one of the most beautiful beaches Koh Chang has to offer is White Stand Beach, which if you look at it, you can see why it’s called that!

This is the biggest and longest beach on the island, but it’s still narrow and can sometimes disappear during high tide, so do manage your expectations.

As with all beaches on Koh Chang, the water’s edge slopes gradually and the ocean is shallow, so children can paddle safely in the waters here.

It’s clean and has some shadey areas behind the beach where you can retreat from the hot sun. It’s also lined with resorts, which can make public access a little difficult. You can park your scooter near this 7-Eleven and walk along the path next to it.

2. Lonely Beach, Koh Chang

Lonely Beach in Koh Chang
Lonely Beach in Koh Chang

One of my favorite things to do in Koh Chang is visit Lonely Beach at sunset, when the orange hues cast it’s glow over the horizon from the West.

Lonely Beach is the perfect combination of relaxation and liveliness. In the day time, this beach boasts a calm atmosphere with beach goers wanting to bask on its shores, swim in the turquoise waters, and relax to the sound of the waves.

If you want to, you can hire a kayak to paddle around the bay, or you can simply sit back at one of the beach bars or beachside resorts and enjoy a cocktail.

In the evening, Lonely Beach comes alive and is THE place to be in Koh Chang for nightlife. The bars are lively and are brimming with backpackers looking to spend their travel funds on Chang Beers and street food.

Watch a fire show on the beach, or dance the night away to the DJs from the bars, Lonely Beach is where it’s at.

3. Kai Bae Beach, Koh Chang

Kai Bae Beach, Koh Chang
Kai Bae Beach, Koh Chang

Kai Bae Beach is small, but it’s a popular one. The beach is short and narrow, but has a few trees that you can sit under for shade.

It’s lined with beach resorts, which are popular places to stay on the island since they are located pretty much in the center, allowing you easy access to many of Koh Chang’s attractions.

The water here is shallow and the waves are gentle, so if you have children it’s a good one to visit as they can paddle safely on the water’s edge.

I wouldn’t say it’s the most beautiful beach on Koh Chang, but it’s definitely clean and worth a visit. Be sure to get there early to grab a space!

4. Khlong Prao Beach, Koh Chang

Klong Prao Beach
Klong Prao Beach, Koh Chang

After White Sand Beach, Klong Prao Beach is the second biggest and most popular beach on the island.

Klong Prao Beach boasts golden sands, clear waters, and is lined with a range of accommodation options that cateris to various budgets and preferences.

Nestled along the island’s west coast, this 3.3 km long sandy stretch is the perfect place to unwind. It’s a little less busy than White Sand Beach, and has incredible sunsets.

5. Long Beach, Koh Chang

Long Beach in Koh Chang
Long Beach in Koh Chang

Personally, I think this is the best beach in Koh Chang, simply because it’s beautiful and there’s hardly any other tourists there.

The water is a vibrant turquoise color and the sand is a startling white color. The beach slopes gradually and the shoreline is shallow, so it’s great for those looking to paddle and not swim out too far.

The only downside is that often the tide comes in during the afternoon and can pretty much cover the beach, but if you visit in the morning there will be more space to sit and relax.

6. Ko Ngam Beach

Ko Ngam Beach
Ariel view of Ko Ngam Beach

This secluded beach is only accessible by kayaking for about 30 minutes, or hiring a boat to take you over. You can rent a kayak from the southernmost end of the road (past Long Beach) and it costs about 200 baht to rent.

Note that you must enter the Koh Chang National Park to get to this beach, which costs 200 baht per day.

However, it also allows you access to other parts of the national park on the island (including the other section in the north where Khlong Phlu Waterfall is located), so you can time your visit well and see other nature spots on the island.

7. Klong Kloi Beach, Koh Chang

Klong Kloi Beach Koh Chang

Nestled in the far south of Koh Chang sits Klong Kloi Beach. This beach is less frequented by tourists since it’s away from the bustling towns on the West coast, but is definitely worth a visit if you want some peace and quiet.

The shoreline gently slopes into the clear waters gradually, making it ideal for leisurely swims and relaxation. There are also virtually no waves here, so it’s really peaceful and calm.

The beach is flanked by a restaurant and resort, which is the perfect place to retreat to when you need refreshments or a bite to eat.

8. Koh Wai Beach

Koh Wai in Thailand
Koh Wai in Thailand

If you really want to escape the crowds, then you’re going to want to retreat to Koh Wai island. This is a short boat ride from Koh Chang and is completely remote.

It has no roads, no shops or large infrastructure. It has only one resort, and that’s it – just pure, unspoiled nature.

The beach is a soft, golden sand with many trees hugging the banks, offering plenty of shade. The beach is small (the whole island is only 2km in length) but it’s not usually busy.

The waters here are also teaming with marine life, so bring your snorkel and fins!

9. Wai Chaek Beach

Also nestled on the southern coast of Koh Chang is the remote Wai Chaek Beach, which is accessible by kayaking from Klong Koi Beach which takes about 40 minutes, or by hiking from the road (if you have a 4×4 it’s accessible, but I wouldn’t recommend taking a scooter on this road).

Wai Chaek Beach offers a secluded and unspoiled paradise. This stunning half-moon shaped hidden gem has smooth sands and crystal-clear waters lapping at its shore. It’s only about 400 meters in length, so isn’t a long beach, but that doesn’t matter as it’s always quiet.

Because accessing this pristine haven requires an adventure, this exclusivity ensures that you are likely to have the beach mostly to yourself, providing a Robinson Crusoe-esque experience amidst the beauty of nature.

Koh Chang Beaches Map

To help you plan your visit, here is a map of the best beaches on Koh Chang:

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, those are my favorite Koh Chang beaches and as you can see, there are a lot of different types of beach to choose from on the island.

While some beaches are popular and receive a large crowd, it’s still possible to escape the throngs of tourists and find a secluded beach all to yourself.

I hope this guide gave you a few beaches to add to your itinerary and helped you plan your trip.

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