25 of The Most Beautiful Places In Thailand To Visit In 2024!

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Looking to uncover the most beautiful places in Thailand? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Thailand is not short of beautiful destinations to admire, from tranquil island beaches to lush rainforests and majestic waterfalls to serene temples, there’s so much to see and discover.

When we think of Thailand’s most beautiful places, we think of the following 25 locations. Some of these places are well known, others are a true hidden paradise.

The Most Beautiful Places In Thailand

1. Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park is one of the most popular national parks in Southern Thailand and is famous for its wild elephant population, virgin rainforests, and turqouise man-made lake, Cheow Lan Lake, which features stunning limestone karst formations.

During the day, taking a boat tour along the lake and stopping off at one of the floating bungalow lodges for a swim is the ideal way to explore this national park.

If you fancy hiking, hike into the jungles to look out for its native wildlife, such as hornbills, gibbons, and elephants.

At night, be sure to go on a night time walking safari to see nocturnal animals come out to hunt. It’s the perfect opportunity to see snakes, spiders, frogs, lizards and more.

2. Pai Canyon


I would say that Pai Canyon is one of the most beautiful nature sites in Thailand simply because it’s so unique and peaceful.

The canyon is famous for having narrow, steep ridges that were once formed by wind and water erosion. The soft soil and rocky cliffs resulted in many areas being collapsed, and much of the canyon has been left to the elements, making it completely natural.

It’s one of the most popular attractions in Pai, and you’ll find many people hiking or mountain biking along the ridges. Just be careful where you step, as you don’t want to fall into the deep gullies and chasms.

The best time to visit Pai Canyon is during sunset, when its golden sand is aglow in the fading sun. The viewpoint also faces West, which is the perfect orientation for sunset viewing. It can get busy at this time, but it’s still worth it.

3. Railay Beach, Krabi

Railay-Beach Thailand Bucket List

Railay Beach is a secluded, quiet beach that’s accessible by a ferry from Ao Nang or Krabi. It’s framed by jaw-dropping limestone cliffs that are famous for rock climbing.

The beach itself is clean and pristine, with soft golden sand and calm, turquoise waters.

Unfortunately we visited Railay Beach during the rainy season so were unable to go swimming, but it was still majestic even in the rain – which says something about it’s natural beauty!

4. Maya Bay, Phi Phi Islands


Maya Bay was not chosen as the film set for Leonardo di Caprio’s movie, The Beach, for no reason. It’s widely considered Thailand’s most beautiful beach, and for good reason.

Located in the Phi Phi Islands, this sheltered, moon-shaped bay is a protected beach known for its pristine white sand and turquoise waters, which visitors are forbidden to swim in to protect the black tip reef shark population you see swimming in there.

Maya Bay was once closed for five years due to over-tourism ruining it, but now it’s reopened and visitation has been carefully controlled to protect its natural beauty and fragile ecosystem.

While it can be crowded if you book a boat tour for the wrong time, it’s still undeniably beautiful. You can even see the reef sharks from the shoreline, if you visit during a calm day.

5. Mae Hong Son

Ban Rak Thai, Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son was once a hidden gem, but is quickly becoming one of the most popular regions in Northern Thailand.

Located close to the border with Myanmar, this region is known for its Thai-Chinese communities and hill tribes.

The village of Ban Rak Thai is our favorite village in the region. This Yunnanese village is known for its tea plantation where you can stay in traditional, ornate tea houses as well as the central lake, where you can enjoy a relaxing boat ride in an authentic gondolier-driven boat.

This village is small and quiet, with a small population, making it a tranquil escape from the bigger cities in the North such as Chang Mai or Chiang Rai.

6. White Temple, Chiang Rai


Arguably the most famous temple in Thailand is The White Temple, also known as Wat Rong Khun, which stands as a testament to the Thai artistic vision and spiritual significance.

It was designed by renowned Thai artist Chalermchai Kositpipat, who began building this architectural marvel emerged in 1997 as a fusion of traditional Thai elements and contemporary artistic expression.

Its all-white exterior, adorned with intricate glass and mirror mosaic tiles, symbolizes purity and the path to enlightenment in Buddhist teachings.

The temple’s ethereal beauty is accentuated by its surreal and unique design, and the quirky aspects captivates anyone who visits.

The temple is still an ongoing piece of work, and the artist is even training other artists to follow in his footsteps after he’s gone.

7. Ayutthaya


Ayutthaya was once the ancient capital of Siam, and is now a well-preserved historic landmark just outside the city of Bangkok.

Once a thriving city and a bustling port, it now offers visitors a glimpse into its glorious past through beautiful ruins that exude an aura of mystery and grandeur.

The Ayutthaya Historical Park, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a series of ruins of enchanting temples, monasteries, and palaces.

Ayutthaya is not only a historical landmark, but its importance and preservation make it one of the most enchanting destinations in Thailand for those who wish to soak in the Thailand’s history.

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8. Bottle Beach, Koh Phangan

Bottle beach

Koh Phangan has many beautiful beaches, but none are as lovely as the remote, northern beach of Bottle Beach.

Accessible only by hiking or boat, this remote beach is a tranquil escape from the busier, party side of the island.

Bottle Beach is clean, has warm turquoise waters that’s perfect for swimming in, and only a handful of resorts.

It’s appeal lies in its remoteness, and anyone who visits here will find their stresses wash away with the lapping of the waves.

9. Ko Ngam Beach, Koh Chang

Ko Ngam Beach
Ariel view of Ko Ngam Beach

Another secluded beach that deserves a spot on this list is Ko Ngam Beach, one of the best beaches on Koh Chang!

To access the beach, you must rent a kayak and paddle for about 30-minutes, or you can hire a boat to take you over which is more expensive.

Since it’s located inside Koh Chang National Park, it’s well maintained and clean. It’s also pretty quiet since not many people have heard about this, nor are willing to pay the entrance fee to the national park.

However, those who make the effort, will find it’s well worth it.

10. Haad Khlong Hin, Koh Kood

Haad Khlong Hin
Haad Khlong Hin

Haad Khlong Hin was by far my favorite beach on Koh Kood, an idyllic and less-traveled island in the Trang Islands on the Gulf of Thailand.

What sets this beach apart is the water is the most vibrant shade of turquoise I’ve ever seen, and the sand is the whitest I’ve come across in Thailand. It’s not only a gorgeous color, but soft and clean, too.

Because Koh Kood is far less touristy than other islands, you can pretty much guarantee Haad Khlong Hin is going to be quiet, no matter what time of year you visit.

The seclusion and serenity make it one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand and a worthy destination to add to your Thailand bucket list.

11. Khlong Chao Waterfall, Koh Kood

Khlong Chao Waterfall
Khlong Chao Waterfall

While Koh Kood is most popular for its beaches, another good reason to visit Koh Kood is for its waterfalls, which are free to visit and are some of the most beautiful nature destinations in Thailand.

Khlong Chao Waterfall is the biggest waterfall on the island, with the biggest pool that’s perfect for swimming in. You can access this waterfall from anywhere on the island, since it’s located pretty much in the middle.

There is a short 5-10 minutes walk through a jungle to reach the pool, and requires hiking over some boulders – but nothing this good comes without a bit of effort, right?

You can swing from the rope swing, climb up onto the rocks below Khlong Chao Waterfall and enjoy a nature massage, or cool off in the flowing river nearby.

12. Nui Bay, Koh Lanta

Nui Bay Koh Lanta

Nui Bay was my favorite beach on Koh Lanta, and was definitely the most quiet – this may be because finding the path down to the beach is no easy task! You could easily miss if you’re not looking for it.

The bay is quiet, sheltered, and boasts soft white sand. Most of Koh Lanta’s beaches have rocks hugging the shoreline, but Nui Bay has many areas that are rock free, which makes it great for swimming.

Nui Bay is also home to a family of macaque monkeys, who love to swing in the trees and frolic in the sun on the beach. They are quite used to humans so won’t bother you, as long as you don’t interfere with them.

13. Promthep Cape, Phuket

Promthep Cape, Phuket

Promthep Cape is a viewpoint located on the southern tip of Phuket, and is famous for its stunning views of the Andaman Sea and Phuket’s coastline.

This iconic location, aptly named “God’s Cape,” is most famous for its breathtaking sunset views and the now-iconic lighthouse casting ethereal light beams visible far out to sea.

As the sun descends, it becomes a pilgrimage for hundreds of tourists and locals alike who are drawn to its striking natural beauty and the intoxicating spectacle of the sun sinking into the ocean.

The cape’s rocky terrain and panoramic ocean vistas make it an enchanting backdrop for photography.

14. Wat Arun, Bangkok

Wat Arun Bangkok
Wat Arun

There are over 400 temples in Bangkok, but none are as stunning as Wat Arun, also known as the Temple of Dawn, which has stood on the banks of the Chao Phraya River since the 17th century.

The iconic prang, which was actually constructed during the reign of Rama II in the early 19th century, showcases intricate architectural brilliance and pays homage to the Hindu god Aruna, representing the radiations of the rising sun.

This means the best time to view this historic marvel is at sunrise, or sunset, when the sun’s glow changes the colors of the prang’s ceramics and creating a mesmerizing site.

15. Doi Inthanon National Park, Chiang Mai

Doi Inthanon National Park

Located in Northern Thailand, within the Thanon Thong Chai Range, is Doi Inthanon National Park.

This national park was established in 1954 and is also known as “the roof of Thailand,” because of its northern location.

It’s famous for housing the country’s highest peak at 2,565 meters and it also offers a sanctuary for diverse animal species such as turtles, lizards, snakes, and many varieties of bird species.

Beyond its historical significance, the park’s lush greenery, made up of rainforests, mixed forests, and pine forests, creates a stunning natural tapestry.

16. Emerald Pool, Krabi


Nestled within the enchanting Thung Teao Forest National Park in Krabi is the Emerald Pool, also known as Sa Morakot in Thai, which is a natural thermal pool that runs into a nearby cool swing, offering a warm swimming hole to relax in.

It bears a storied history dating back centuries. Legend has it that the pool, with its alluring emerald green waters, was believed to be the bathing spot of mythical creatures known as Kinnaree.

This natural mineral pool is known for its shimmering clarity and serene forested surroundings, making it a beautiful destination in Thailand to visit for nature lovers.

17. Na Muang 1 Waterfall, Ko Samui


Koh Samui may be famous for its beaches and nightlife, but for those who are looking for more beautiful scenes of nature will enjoy visiting Na Muang 1 Waterfall.

This towering waterfall is famous for its large pool of water that’s the perfect place for a swim on a hot day. It’s also really easy to get to since there’s only a 2-minute hike from the parking lot.

This is definitely the best waterfall in Koh Samui for those who love to swim in fresh water sources.

18. Hong Island, Phang Nga Bay

Hong Island, Phang Nga Bay

Nestled in the Andaman Sea, Hong Island, or Koh Hong, is another one of Thailand’s most secluded and captivating islands.

Its name, meaning “room island,” was given to it because of its sheltered, lagoon-like bay embraced by towering limestone cliffs, creating a paradise for beach enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

The island’s pristine beaches, azure waters, and vibrant marine life paint a picture of unparalleled natural beauty.

Not to mention, since it’s part of the Than Bok Khorani National Park, it’s well maintained and pristine.

19. Sukhothai Historical Park


Another beautiful historic place in Thailand to visit is Sukhothai Historical Park, which was once the capital of the first Kingdom of Siam during the 13th and 14th centuries.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is made up of majestic monuments and ruins, showcasing the architectural and cultural splendor of this bygone era.

The park’s sprawling grounds house remnants of royal palaces, Buddhist temples, city gates, and water management systems, providing visitors with a captivating glimpse into the grandeur of ancient Sukhothai.

It’s the perfect blend of history and beauty.

20. The Erawan Museum, Bangkok

The Erawan Museum
The Erawan Museum

A hidden gem in Bangkok is The Erawan Museum, which stands as a testament to Thai culture and mythology.

This architectural marvel, founded by antique collector Lek Viriyapant, is recognizable by its three-headed elephant sculpture symbolizing the mythological Airavata.

Inside the museum is a combination of art and spirituality. Inside the building below the three-headed elephant, are three rooms housing a remarkable collection of artifacts – each room representing the underworld, human earth, and heaven.

The most beautiful room is the ground-floor, which has an elaborate silver staircase leading up to a domed roof made of colorful stained glass.

Don’t miss a chance to walk around the quiet garden and admire the elephant sculptures.

21. Erawan Waterfall


If the bustling city of Bangkok is too much, take a day trip to the enchanting Erawan National Park, where the Erawan Waterfall beckons with its mesmerizing seven-tiered cascades, each exuding emerald green hues and serene beauty.

This enchanting gem, named after the mythical three-headed white elephant Erawan, captures the essence of Thailand’s pristine natural landscape, drawing visitors with its picturesque allure and tranquil ambiance.

With its ethereal charm and refreshing pools, Erawan Waterfall is one of the most beautiful natural wonders in Thailand.

22. Benchakitti Forest Park, Bangkok

Benchakitti Forest Park, Bangkok

Bangkok can feel crowded, polluted and chaotic, but nestled amongst all of this is the Benjakitti Forest Park, a lush oasis made up of lakes, lily ponds, and walking tracks.

Once the site of a tobacco factory and brownfield owned by Thailand’s royal family, it has undergone a remarkable transformation over the years into an urban haven for the people.

The park’s 5.8 km of walkways, impressive jogging and cycling tracks, and offer the perfect natural escape from the bustling scenes of Bangkok.

23. Tanote Bay, Koh Tao

Ao Tanote Beach
Ao Tanote Beach

The small island of Koh Tao is often overlooked by travelers unless you’re keen on diving, but if there’s one landmark worth a trip for, it’s Tanote Bay.

Its pristine shores, embraced by verdant hills and adorned with ancient boulders, create a picturesque haven for travelers seeking tranquility and adventure.

The bay’s crystal-clear waters offer unparalleled snorkeling opportunities, unveiling a mesmerizing marine wonderland teeming with vibrant coral and exotic sea life.

Tanote Bay is also known for its breathtaking sunrise vistas and is an idyllic retreat for those looking to enjoy peaceful island life.

24. Sai Yok National Park

Sai Yok National Park

Another hidden gem located in western Thailand is Sai Yok National Park, which was established in 1980 and is famous for its teak forests, waterfalls, caves and rare wildlife.

This expansive park spanning 958 sq.km is where you’ll find the world’s smallest mammal, the Khun Kitty bat.

The park’s historical significance resonates from the Japanese occupation era, as teak trees were harvested for the infamous Burma Railway.

Today, people are drawn here for its diverse landscapes and captivating riverside villages, offering a tranquil escape from Thailand’s busiest cities.

25. The Grand Palace, Bangkok


The crown jewel of Bangkok is the Grand Palace, home to the Thai Royal Family. Built in 1782, it has served as the official residence of the Kings of Siam for over 150 years and remains an architectural marvel, embodying the grandeur of Thai craftsmanship and design.

Adorned with intricate details, vibrant colors, and ornate structures, the palace exudes an aura of regal elegance, drawing visitors from across the globe to admire its timeless beauty.

Inside the palace’s grounds is the sacred Wat Phra Kaew, housing the revered Emerald Buddha, adds spiritual significance to this majestic landmark.

Map Of These Beautiful Destinations In Thailand

To help you plan where to visit, here is a helpful map of these pretty destinations in Thailand:

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, those are the most beautiful places in Thailand that we’ve visited and think are worthy stops on anyone’s itinerary.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect backdrop for photography, a quiet place to relax in, or just want to discover some hidden gems, these beautiful destinations will be the answer to your prayers.

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