Where To Find The BEST Pad Thai In Bangkok: 10 Top Restaurants

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Bangkok is well known for its culinary scene, which can be seen and smelt from every corner of the city, with the tantalizing aroma of smokey woks filled with Pad Thai filling the air.

This iconic Thai dish is not only a favorite amongst locals and tourists alike, but it’s Thailand’s National Dish, so no trip to Bangkok would be complete without sinking your teeth into a plate of Pad Thai or two.

But with so many options available, where can you find the best Pad Thai in Bangkok? And what should you look for in order to find the best of the best?

We’ve scoured the city and narrowed down a list of our top 10 Pad Thai restaurants in Bangkok, from the legendary Michelin Star street food joints to the local backstreet stalls, to the luxurious fine dining restaurants.

Go check them out below…

What To Look For In A Good Pad Thai

pad thai

Pad Thai is the national dish of Thailand and is the most beloved dish by locals and travelers alike. It’s a simple dish that tantalizes taste buds with its vibrant flavors and mouthwatering combination of ingredients.

However, although it’s simple and quick to make, you can go wrong with a Pad Thai. So, to make sure you know what to look for, here are a few key elements to look out for in your search for the best Pad Thai in Bangkok.

Firstly, the noodles should be perfectly cooked and slightly soft in texture. The sauce plays a crucial role in the success of the overall dish and should be a combination of sweet, tangy, and salty. If it tastes sour, it has not been cooked correctly.

The sauce is made using tamarind, fish sauce, lime, and palm sugar, creating a delightful explosion of flavors with every bite.

pad thai with fork and spoon

A good Pad Thai will also include fresh ingredients, such as crispy bean sprouts, crunchy peanuts, fragrant garlic, and aromatic scallions, which add texture and depth.

The meat used in a Pad Thai will vary depending on your preference, but typically a Pad Thai will include succulent shrimp along with a meat of your choice such as tender slices of chicken.

If you have opted for a vegetarian Pad Thai, a good Pad Thai will have a good helping of soft tofu.

You can usually tell a good Pad Thai just by looking at it, which should display a beautiful plate of vibrant orange colors and hints of green and yellow from the vegetables and herbs.

Of course, a good Pad Thai is generous in portion size as well. Pad Thai is eaten as a main meal, not a side dish, so make sure that the plate has been piled high!

What Are The Best Pad Thai in Bangkok Restaurants

Now you know what to look for in a good Pad Thai, it’s time to show you our favorite places to eat Pad Thai in Bangkok. Each of these restaurants has been personally visited and vetted by us, so you’re in good hands…

1. Thipsamai


Thipsamai is well known in Bangkok for its legendary Pad Thai. Thipsamai stays true to the roots of Pad Thai, crafting it with traditional techniques and flavors that have been passed down through generations.

Thipsamai’s Pad Thai acquires its distinctive eggy taste from being cooked over intense heat and wrapped in a casing of egg, giving it a delightful creamy texture that sets it apart from other versions found in Bangkok. It adds a unique touch that elevates the dish to new heights.

Thipsamai is known for using the finest ingredients, including plump shrimp, succulent chicken, and vibrant vegetables, ensuring each bite bursts with freshness and flavor. Our only critique is that it only comes with two shrimps, which is a little disappointing as it’s the best part of the dish.

Nonetheless, Thipsami has become famous for its Pad Thai for a reason, and with a legacy spanning decades, it’s no wonder this restaurant has earned itself an accolade of awards, including a Michelin Star.

2. Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu

Another fantastic restaurant located in Bangkok’s Old Town district is Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu, which captures the essence of this iconic Thai dish and keeps true to its traditional roots, serving succulent Pad Thai dishes on a banana leaf.

Led by renowned Michelin-starred Chef Andy Yang, Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu takes its guests on a culinary journey rooted in tradition and innovation.

At Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu, the dish is cooked to perfection through intense flames, resulting in a smoky flavor that sets it apart. Each plate showcases the perfect balance of fresh ingredients, vibrant flavors, and skillful craftsmanship.

The only downside to this dish is that the portion size is small, but you do get a lot of flavor for such a small plate.

With its cozy and authentic shop-house setting and welcoming ambiance, Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu provides an authentic local experience. The restaurant’s commitment to quality and value has earned it recognition in the 2023 Michelin Guide Thailand.

3. Baan Pad Thai

Baan Pad Thai Restaurant Bangkok

For those who want a large plate of Pad Thai, then Baan Pad Thai should be at the top of your list.

Established in 2016, Baan Pad Thai received the Bib Gourmand award in the Michelin Guide Bangkok 2020. This recognition speaks volumes about Baan Pad Thai’s dedication to creating a memorable dining experience.

Their Pad Thai is not only a large portion but it’s also packed with flavor, and the chef has been noted for his commitment to using small ingredients to great big tastes.

In particular, the Pad Thai with grilled river shrimp is well noted for the generous size of the shrimp paired with soft and chewy noodles.

The restaurant itself is vintage-inspired and has a cozy, authentic feel to it. The iconic blue facade paired with the wooden shutters creates a warming ambiance. It should be mentioned that Baan Pad Thai doesn’t have air conditioning, though it does have a fan to keep you cool.

Baan Pad Thai isn’t the cheapest Pad Thai in Bangkok, but it’s one of the most delicious. Top tip; bring your own drinks, as the drinks on the menu are also expensive.

4. Pad Thai Mae Am

Another restaurant in Bangkok known for Pad Thai is Pad Thai Mae Am, which isn’t exactly central to any attractions, so those visiting here will be visiting purely to try the Pad Thai – and since it’s always busy, evidently it’s worth making the journey.

Located on the bustling Rama IV Road, this iconic restaurant has been tantalizing taste buds for over 30 years with its legendary Pad Thai. This beloved establishment has become a go-to spot for locals and tourists alike seeking the best Pad Thai for an affordable price.

The way the chef prepares the Pad Thai at Pad Thai Mae Am is similar to Thipsamai in that the dish is wrapped in an egg casing, except you get the same bursts of flavor and creamy texture at a fraction of the price.

As of October 2023, the price for an original Pad Thai is only 50 baht ($1.40 USD), 60 baht ($1.65 USD) with chicken, and 70 baht ($1.92 USD) with shrimp.

Their secret lies in using locally sourced ingredients, ensuring each plate bursts with fresh flavors that transport you to the heart of Thai cuisine. The skillful chefs at Pad Thai Mae Am weave their magic, expertly balancing sweet, sour, and savory notes, creating a harmonious symphony of taste.

Pad Thai Mae Am is our favorite cheap Pad Thai in Bangkok.

5. Pad Thai Kratong Thong

If you’re looking for a great restaurant to visit between temple visits, then Pad Thai Kratong Thong is the place to go.

Conveniently located near Wat Pho, this hidden gem stands out for its innovative use of pastry cups, known as Kratong Thong, as a base for their Pad Thai creation. These delicate cups are filled with a medley of ingredients, creating a harmonious blend of textures and flavors that is truly unforgettable.

The history of using Kratong Thongs dates back centuries, with the tradition of using pastry cups being deeply rooted in Thai cuisine. This unique take on Pad Thai showcases the dedication to preserving history within Thai culinary culture.

Embrace the opportunity to indulge in this delightful fusion of tradition and innovation at Pad Thai Kratong Thong.

6. Mama Mia

Mama Mia Pad Thai Restaurant

Those looking for an authentic street food Pad Thai in Bangkok should head to Mama Mia, which has gained a reputation for serving up some of the best Pad Thai in town.

Mama Mia takes pride in crafting an authentic Pad Thai on a hot, open-fire wok. Their skilled chefs use traditional cooking techniques and fresh ingredients to create a symphony of flavors. The chicken Pad Thai is particularly noteworthy.

The restaurant also has a lively ambiance, with locals and tourists alike coming together to enjoy this delectable street food.

So, if you’re looking to indulge in a plate of authentic Pad Thai in Bangkok for a cheap price, head over to Mama Mia for a true local Thai experience.

7. Pantaree


Located in the heart of Sukhumvit near Terminal 21, is Pantaree, a culinary haven where you can savor the finest Pad Thai in the city. The restaurant is located down a small alley and can sometimes be hard to find (turn off the main road onto Soi Sukhumvit 8 and it’s the first alley on the left).

At Pantaree, their commitment to authenticity and quality shines through in every plate of Thai food they serve, not just in Pad Thai but in their Thai curries as well.

The Pad Thai here is a harmonious symphony of textures and flavors, combining stir-fried rice noodles, succulent shrimp, or chicken, with tangy tamarind sauce and crunchy bean sprouts.

While the price is affordable, the portion size is small, so you may want to pair your Pad Thai with another dish of your choice. The Crab Meat Fried Rice is another popular dish here which would pair well with a Pad Thai.

8. Market Cafe (Hyatt Regency)

If you’re looking to indulge in an exquisite Pad Thai experience in Bangkok, look no further than Market Cafe at the Hyatt Regency.

Market Cafe takes pride in serving authentic Thai cuisine with a contemporary twist. The restaurant has a curated menu that showcases the finest local ingredients and flavors. Every plate of Pad Thai at Market Cafe has been cooked to perfection.

The elegant ambiance and warm hospitality of Market Cafe add to the overall dining experience, creating an inviting atmosphere for guests to savor their delightful creations.

9. Boonlang Thai Cuisine

Another great Pad Thai restaurant in Bangkok with huge shrimps is Boonlang Thai Cuisine, also located in the bustling Sukhumvit neighborhood.

Boonlang Thai Cuisine takes pride in upholding traditional cooking techniques passed down through generations. Their Pad Thai captures the delicate balance of sweet, sour, and savory notes and is beautifully served on a plate of banana leaves.

To top it off, Boonlang Thai Cuisine has a warm and welcoming ambiance that’s filled with tantalizing aromas.

Although not the cheapest Pad Thai in Bangkok, the prices are reasonable for the area.

10. Thara Thong (Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel)

Thara Thong (Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel)

Finally, another luxury restaurant serving Pad Thai in Bangkok is Thara Thong at the Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel. Nestled along the Chao Phraya River, this fine-dining Thai restaurant is the perfect setting for a date night.

The restaurant’s elegant decor and traditional setting create an enchanting atmosphere, with low tables and floor seating.

The Pad Thai at Thara Thong is small, but bursting with flavor. You’ll want to pair this dish with another side dish, such as a Papaya Salad or Tom Yum Soup, to fill your stomach.

Map Of The Best Pad Thai Restaurants In Bangkok

To help you find the best restaurants in Bangkok for Pad Thai, here is a helpful map of the restaurants we mentioned above…

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, that concludes our list of the best Pad Thai restaurants in Bangkok, and we hope this guide helped you narrow down your quest for the ultimate best.

Whether you prefer the classic flavors of Thipsamai, the innovative twists at Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu, or the authentic local charm of Mama Mia, these culinary gems showcase the true essence of Thai cuisine.

Do you have a favorite Pad Thai place in Bangkok? Let us know in the comments.

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