Is Koh Phangan Worth Visiting in 2024?

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Are you planning your next tropical getaway in Thailand and wondering if Koh Phangan is worth visiting? Worry not.

Koh Phangan is one of our favorite places in Thailand and our team has spent over years on this famous island. As you might already know, Koh Phangan rose to fame due to its popular full moon parties. But the island has so much more to offer than just that!

Below we’ll talk about the pros and cons of visiting Koh Phangan and show you why Koh Phangan might (or might not) be worth visiting!

Is Koh Phangan Worth Visiting?

Zen Beach Koh Pha Ngan
Zen Beach Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is definitely worth visiting. The island in the Gulf of Thailand is home to some of the best natural scenery in the country, from beautiful beaches to majestic jungles and soaring mountains to refreshing waterfalls.

Visitors can also experience the world-famous Full Moon Party on Haad Rin Beach, where people party under the moonlight until the early morning.

There are also plenty of opportunities for diving and snorkeling, with colorful coral reefs teeming with vibrant marine life. Travelers will also find a strong digital nomad community with good co-working spaces and strong WiFi.

You can also experience part of Thai culture in Koh Phangan, with local Buddhist temples and traditional villages dotted around the island. There are plenty of authentic Thai restaurants serving some of the best Thai food in the country.

Koh Phangan is an amazing island with plenty of pros, but there are some cons as well, which we shall discuss down below!

Pros of Visiting Koh Phangan

Let’s start with some of the pros of visiting Koh Phangan. This will include some of the best things to do in Koh Phangan and what is the island known for.

1. Beautiful Natural Landscapes

sunset view of ko ma island
Beautiful views from Koh Phangan

Thailand’s islands are not unfamiliar with stunning natural beauty, and Koh Phangan is no exception. This island of only 125 km² is home to dense jungles, towering mountains, pristine beaches white-sand beaches, and much more.

Not only that, but many of the facilities in Koh Phangan allow visitors to admire the gorgeous scenery. From hilltop bars to well-maintained hiking trails that lead to stunning vistas and hidden beaches, there are plenty of opportunities to explore nature here in Koh Phangan.

We particularly liked the hike to Bottle Beach (plus the hike to the vista) and exploring Namtok Than Sadet National Park and its waterfalls.

Stunning Beaches

Thong Nai Pan Beach rocks
Thong Nai Pan Beach

Plus, there are so many stunning beaches in Koh Phangan. After having been to most of them ourselves, we highly recommend the following.

  1. Zen Beach – One of the most iconic Koh Phangan beaches, it is always busy, especially during the sunset. Parking at Zen Beach can get tricky during that time, but it is definitely worth the visit. It is known to be quite a hippie beach.
  2. Thong Nai Pan Beach – A hidden gem in Koh Phangan. Thong Nai Pan Beach is on the northwestern part of the island and is definitely one of the best ones. Expect soft white sand and clear turquoise waters here.
  3. Bottle Beach – Known as Koh Phangan’s most beautiful beach, Bottle Beach is only reachable via a short hike or with a speedboat. It has a deep shoreline, unlike some of the other beaches in Koh Phangan, making it one of the best places to go swimming on the island.
  4. Mae Haad Beach – This is one of the most popular beaches in Koh Phangan and for good reason. It’s a long, golden beach with soft white sand that connects to Koh Ma Island by a spit that appears at low tide. It is easily one of the most beautiful places on Koh Phangan.

2. Amazing Water Sports and Activities

Koh Phangan’s clear, warm waters make it a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. The most popular water activities in Koh Phangan are snorkeling and diving, as the surrounding water is teeming with vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life. Matter of fact, the nearby island of Koh Tao is a world-class diving destination.

Visitors can also kayak and paddleboard and explore the coastline, going from one beach to another. You might even come across some unique caves on the rocky perimeter of the island!

3. Full Moon Party

Legendary full moon party on Koh Phangan

Perhaps the most famous thing about Koh Phangan is its Full Moon Party, a legendary event that has put this Thai Island on the global map.

Every month during the full moon, Haad Rin Beach transforms into a mega open-air nightclub, attracting thousands of party-goers from around the world to dance under the glow of the full moon.

The event first started in 1985 as a gathering of backpackers but has since grown to become an internationally renowned celebration.

When attending the full moon party, make sure you put on glow paint and get the buckets of alcohol! They are part of the quintessential full moon party experience.

4. Wellness Retreat


For those seeking relaxation and renewal, Koh Phangan is home to many wellness retreats. The island has become a hub for holistic health, offering yoga classes, meditation sessions, detox programs, and a variety of therapies.

The tranquil setting and focus on well-being make it an ideal place for rejuvenation. There is also a very welcoming community, perfect for those that might need a little bit of support in their wellness or spiritual journey.

5. Digital Nomad Community and Co-Working Space

CoWorking space in Koh Phangan

With a beautiful landscape and a laid-back lifestyle, Koh Phangan has been attracting digital nomads who are looking for both work and play.

The island has plenty of co-working spaces, offering digital nomads amazing opportunities to network and be productive. The island has a strong WiFi connection, perfect for those needing to stay connected.

But perhaps what keeps the digital nomads returning every time is the tight-knit community. There are plenty of events and gatherings organized by digital nomads throughout the year, making it easy to network with like-minded people living here.

6. Affordability

Thailand is known to be a very affordable destination, and Koh Phangan is no exception. Compared to Western standards, everything from food to accommodation is much cheaper.

Those on a lower budget can choose one of the cheap hostels or basic bungalows. On the other hand, those looking for a bit more luxury can enjoy one of the many 5-star resorts and villas at reasonable prices. Dining options are equally diverse, ranging from street food to cheap local restaurants made by a local family to more upscale restaurants.

7. Delicious Thai Food

pad thai
Pad Thai

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that Thai cuisine is one of the most delicious food in the world. With its complex flavors and a variety of fresh ingredients, it is no surprise that Thai food has gained so much popularity.

Koh Phangan is the perfect destination to sample some of Thailand’s best dishes. The island offers a wide range of options, from traditional curries and seafood dishes to delicious salads and grilled meats.

Here are some of our favorite Thai food:

  1. Pad Thai (obviously)
  2. Pad See-Ew (our personal favorite)
  3. Som Tom (Papaya Salad)
  4. Khao Soi
  5. Massaman Curry

8. Friendly Locals

Friendly Thai Locals

Thailand is nicknamed the “Land of the Smiles” and it is easy to see why. Everywhere you go in Thailand, you will be welcomed with a big smile from the locals, and Koh Phangan is no exception.

The people here are friendly, hospitable, and more than happy to help out tourists who visit this beautiful island. The local’s hospitality really makes the experience of traveling to Koh Phangan much better.

You immediately feel like you are welcomed and cherished there. In fact, this is one of the reasons why Thailand is worth visiting, not only Koh Phangan, but all over the country as well.

Cons of Visiting Koh Phangan

Even though Koh Phangan has so much to offer, it also has some drawbacks. After staying there for a few months, here are some cons we’ve experienced on the island.

1. Full Moon Party Can Attract Massive Crowds and High Prices

The epic full moon party on Koh Phangan is both a pro and con. If you are visiting the island during that time, you’ll notice that all the prices are inflated and it is hard to find accommodation. The once-pristine beaches are now flooded with crowds of people, and you might not even be able to find a quiet spot.

You must plan in advance if you want to visit during that time. We made the mistake of not booking our accommodation early and couldn’t find a place to stay on the island. And if you do, it’ll cost 2 to 3 times more than usual!

2. Relatively Expensive Compared To Other Thai Islands

Koh Phangan can be more expensive than some of the other Thai islands

Because of its popularity among digital nomads and the famous full moon party, Koh Phangan is slightly more expensive than some of the quieter islands in Thailand such as Koh Lanta or Koh Chang.

Still, compared to islands in the West, Koh Phangan is still very cheap, but if you are traveling Thailand on a budget, then you might want to reconsider visiting Koh Phangan. There are cheaper islands in Thailand where you can still enjoy stunning nature and delicious Thai food.

3. Getting Around The Island Is Challenging

Steep road into Secret Beach
Steep road into Secret Beach on Koh Phangan

Navigating Koh Phangan can be tough due to its hilly terrain and lack of public transportation. There are only minibuses known as Songthaew that travel between popular destinations on the island, but some of the more hidden gems might require you to order a taxi or rent a motorbike.

However, renting a motorbike on Koh Phangan can be risky, especially for those unfamiliar with the island’s road conditions or just driving them in general. Koh Phangan has a reputation for being a place where travelers first learn how to ride a motorbike, so accidents do occur frequently.

4. Seasonal Weather

Flooding on Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan’s tropical climate means it experiences a monsoon season, typically from October to January. This period brings heavy rainfall, which can sometimes cause massive flooding and disrupt outdoor activities and travel plans.

The island can also get very hot during the summer months and many people suffer from heat stroke and severe sunburn during this time of the year. Make sure you stay hydrated, apply sunscreen, and stay in the shade as much as you can during that time.

5. Hard To Get To

Pralarn-Pier-Koh-Samui How To get To Koh Phangan
Koh Phangan is only accessible by ferry

Koh Phangan is one of the harder places to get to in Thailand because it doesn’t have its own airport. The closest airport to Koh Phangan is the Samui Airport in Koh Samui, which is approximately 14 km (8.7 mi) away.

Getting between Koh Samui and Koh Phangan requires a ferry ride. While the journey can be part of the adventure, it may be inconvenient for some, especially those with limited time. And if you are coming from places like Bangkok or Phuket, it could take even longer, especially if don’t want to fly.

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Visiting Koh Phangan FAQS

Is Koh Phangan A Party Island?

Yes, Koh Phangan is generally considered a party island in Thailand. Besides its monthly full moon parties, the island has regular events like jungle parties (like the half moon parties), beach parties, and more. There are also bars and nightclubs in most of the tourist destinations like Haad Rin and Thong Sala.

What is Koh Phangan Known For?

Koh Phangan is known for its full moon parties, stunning natural beauty, wellness retreats, and incredible watersports such as snorkeling and diving. The island is also home to beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush jungles filled with trekking opportunities.

So, Is Koh Phangan Worth Visiting?

After spending months in Koh Phangan over multiple stays, we can say that Koh Phangan is definitely worth visiting. We went in with doubts ourselves after reading about some of the comments online, but Koh Phangan definitely exceeded our expectations.

Despite a few drawbacks, there are plenty of pros of visiting Koh Phangan. Whether you’re a beach lover, an adventure seeker, a wellness enthusiast, or a digital nomad, this island offers something for everyone! So when are you visiting Koh Phangan?

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